Right now, I’m on my way to visit Loyola, the university I was once a student at a few months ago. Wow. ‘The university I was once a student at’. It’ll take me a while to get used to that. It makes me sad that I will never be a student there anymore, but I … More Visitor

Where Are You

Where are you? Here am I Where are you? Here am I Where are you? Here am I, I’m telling you, here am I Stop with your cries and open your eyes My eyes are open, but all I see is your blank stare Onto a screen, paying no attention to me without care So … More Where Are You

Beautiful You

Why is it that you can’t see just how beautiful you are Your ears have heard, but in your eyes, it so seems far Because of your past that lasts in your heart I hope from now on, you’ll have a new start Of the way you view your outward appearance Realize how God carefully … More Beautiful You

Mi Madre

There is a woman apart from my biological mother that I call mi Madre. Despite that she spoke very little English and I spoke very little Spanish, we bonded together so well. When I first met her, she gave me such a tight, loving hug right away. I’ve never felt an embrace as sincere and … More Mi Madre


I am the type of person that gets attached easily. To people, to things, to places… to memories. Most of these fade away, yet I still have trouble detaching myself or preventing myself from being too attached. I do it again and again, like an endless cycle. The older I get, the more I am … More Attachment


I love how listening to mellow music makes me feel Like I am floating in the air, as if my existence is unreal I close my eyes and I move my body to the beat To a place where my body, my mind, and my soul meet It is as if only that very moment exists … More Mellow

Time Travel

When I put my headphones on, I time travel Depending on my mood, I’ll go back to my freshman year of high school, two winters ago, last summer- whenever Different songs take me back in time and I feel exactly how I felt when I listened to it in the past People say time travel … More Time Travel

Recorded Memory

Whenever I gaze onto a beautiful view, I feel the need to somehow record the moment to make it last. I want to write about what I see, but words alone cannot describe how amazing the scenery is. I want to take a picture of it, but a camera cannot grasp the full beauty of … More Recorded Memory