1174579_10152341990286165_882377140_nMy name is Ira Angela and I am a dreamer, writer, and a God worshipper. Ever since I was young, I love to write, whether it be stories, poems, and even essays. I find that through writing, I am best able to express my sincere appreciation towards life and reflect on what I learned from it. I am also a dreamer. I dream of changing the world in anyway that I can. I dream of influencing people to be the best that they could be, through my writings and by being a good example to follow. Most importantly, I am a God worshipper. In everything that I do, I try my best to make God happy because He deserves all our devotion. A life with God is the best kind of life to live.

I would like to add also that there are certain social issues I write about because I want to spread awareness that these things are happening today and there are many people around us going through these struggles. Everyone has a story and if more people live their lives conscious of this, there would be less negativity in the world.

As you read my works, I hope that you’d be inspired to appreciate life even more. May you have a blessed day ^.^


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