Journey To Self Love

I’m listening to a soundtrack of a video game right now (Xenoblade Chronicles Main Theme) and I can’t help but stop my studying to write about how I am feeling at this current moment. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been the type to reflect on my life whenever I get the chance. When I started college, my reflection times increased because of the amount of time I had to myself especially while commuting. Most of the time, I would listen to music as I look out the window or walk around to reflect. The amazing thing about music is that I remember the exact feeling I felt during those moments. Right now, as I am sitting down on my desk, absorbing the beauty of this music, I am building a new reflection memory. I feel at peace. I have been fighting different emotions- sadness, anger, bitterness, loneliness, excitement, happiness, anxiousness- for the past few months, but I have this feeling in my heart that I will be okay. I no longer wish to go back to the past and just relive those moments over and over. I want to see what lies ahead. I want to fall in love with myself more and more each day. I want to discover new things about myself and discover new passions, maybe even rekindle passions that I’ve forgotten. I am on a journey to self love. Acceptance. Healing. The best version of me is in the making.


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