What Is Meant To Be, Will Be

I want you to know,
That I still think of you.
Behind my smiles and laughter
Are wishes that it could be because of you again

I am standing on my own, just as you predicted.
But a part of me is missing.
My best friend.
My lover.
My soulmate.

Life isn’t fair
But I do believe in destiny.
What is meant to be, will be
No matter how long of a wait.

I believe we will find each other again
But first, I need to find myself
And I want you to live your life,
To thrive.
To be truly happy.

Our love story is too precious to be wasted
And I believe this is just an obstacle
One in which we cannot be together for now.
But somehow, it will all be okay

I still do not know how we can have a happy ending.
But one thing I do know is that
Love is a powerful thing

And I love you


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