The Beginning of an Adventure

I’m finally using this pretty notebook I bought more than three years ago. I’ve been saving it for something, but I didn’t know what for. Today, I figured out its purpose. I will use it to write my stories in. I have a small notebook that I carry around everywhere in case I get inspired to write a poem or a thought. This bigger notebook will specifically be for stories. It felt great to write in a fresh (almost) new notebook while sitting at a coffee shop that makes me feel like I’m in Spain. I had an idea for a story about a year ago and I jotted down a few ideas down in my small notebook. I forgot about it until yesterday when I was talking to a close friend of mine about my goal to write more. Today, I woke up and decided to come back to my favorite coffee shop and work on the story. I haven’t started writing the actual story yet, but I did do some brainstorming. I’m really excited about how this will turn out. I know for a fact that it will take me quite a while to finish it because I want this to be a long story, possibly long enough to make into a book. The topic itself can be considered controversial though, so I want to make sure I do sufficient amount of research to back up the foundation of my story. Basically, the setting of my story is a world in which gender norms are reversed. I don’t know if a story like this have already been published, but even if it has been, I still want to continue writing in order to not only challenge myself as a writer, but also to challenge myself as a citizen of this world. By writing this story, I will learn more about myself as a woman in this society and how it’s like to detach myself from what I’ve been taught and have seen all my life. This story will be quite the adventure.


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