Despite the pain and unfairness life brings, I would be lying if I say that life isn’t beautiful. Especially during my nightly commute back home, as I listen to music, I like to reflect on the moments of my life in which I felt happy. I become extremely grateful of my family and friends, even those that are not part of my life anymore. At this current moment, I am happy that I am able to write this reflection in my favorite coffee shop, alone with my thoughts. For many years, I’ve wished to be in a different time frame. In middle school, I wanted to be in high school. In high school, I wanted to be in college. In college, I want to be in high school or in my adult life. I’ll be honest, even now, I am still having trouble being content in my present for long periods of time. I have moments in which I feel so happy at the present moment, but if I am given a choice to go back in time in my high school years, I’ll go back in a heartbeat. Since time travel is impossible, I try to get a similar effect by listening to music and remember my past. In spite of my trials, my life has been so beautiful. I remember so much of my past that it would take a lifetime for me to share them all. Time travel by day dreaming is such an amazing thing. What I have to be careful of, though, is not to stay in the past or the future. I cannot forget to live so that my box of memories will keep growing. I want to make the most out of today so that in the future, I’ll look back and be glad I spent my life living, not just reminiscing.


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