Senses of Immigration

I cannot imagine what it is like to be told that I must part from my family because I lack the proper papers to be able to live in peace with the ones I love. Our immigration system deports millions of undocumented parents, grandparents, children, friends, and members of the community who call this land their own. I see chains binding parents wearing orange jumpsuits inside detention centers wondering what in the world they have done to deserve this. I hear ignorant people screaming hate towards these people not knowing that they live in fear day by day, not knowing whether today will finally be the day they get caught. I smell the sweat of fathers and mothers as they attempt for the third time to cross the border without being killed or die of dehydration. I feel the trembling hands of children who just witnessed their parents be taken away wondering if they’ll see them again. I want to say enough! Enough with these deportations that separate innocent families. Go after criminals that harm people but not those peacefully trying to make better lives for themselves because they were unable to do so in their home country. Stop dehumanizing people and realize that they are just like you and me. Human.


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