Right now, I’m on my way to visit Loyola, the university I was once a student at a few months ago. Wow. ‘The university I was once a student at’. It’ll take me a while to get used to that. It makes me sad that I will never be a student there anymore, but I do have my reasons for leaving. I got so attached to that place because of the memories I made there. More so by myself actually, despite that I had friends that I shared memories with. Majority of the memories I treasure the most was when I was by myself. I remember those times after studying at the library, I would walk to the train station while listening to music. Around the time that I go home, it would be dark already. I can feel that feeling right now at this very moment as I am listening to ‘A Drop In the Ocean’ by Ron Pope, one of the songs I listened to over and over during those nights. I remember those winter days when the lake became frozen and it just looked absolutely beautiful. I remember that one time when I woke up in the morning early enough to see the sunrise from the frozen water. It was breathtaking. I still can’t believe I’m going there now just to visit. Just to visit. I guess I took for granted all those times I had to wake up early for class and drag myself out of bed. Now I’d wake up as early as possible just to go there again. If it doesn’t take an hour to get there


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