Beautiful You

Why is it that you can’t see just how beautiful you are
Your ears have heard, but in your eyes, it so seems far
Because of your past that lasts in your heart
I hope from now on, you’ll have a new start
Of the way you view your outward appearance
Realize how God carefully molded your entire existence
He created you in a way that is perfect in His eyes
So why be deceived by insecurities disguised by lies

If only you can see what I see
Without a doubt, you’ll agree
That your imperfections makes you unique
No one else in the world has your exact physique
So about yourself, don’t you dare misspeak
To your body, don’t you mistake to critique

Every part of you is perfect, just how God made you
I hope one day, you will believe this to be true
Accept and love yourself as you are
With this confidence, you will very go far


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