Mi Madre

There is a woman apart from my biological mother that I call mi Madre. Despite that she spoke very little English and I spoke very little Spanish, we bonded together so well. When I first met her, she gave me such a tight, loving hug right away. I’ve never felt an embrace as sincere and as comforting as hers. We’ve laughed together and cried together, despite the language barrier because we felt each other’s emotions. I will never forget the time when she picked up her son and the moment she saw me, she got out of the car and hugged me so tightly. She started crying and as did I despite that I did not know what was wrong. I felt her pain and wanted to make it go away so badly. There were times that she was there for me too when I needed motherly comfort, something that I did not grow up with. One day, I will be fluent in Spanish so that we will finally be able to communicate fluidly. I want to hear her stories, heal her pain, and tell her just how much I appreciate her.

Sadly, I don’t know when I’ll see her again. Or if I do, I don’t know whether she’ll love me like she did before. One thing I am certain of. She will forever be my mother and the love that she showed me will never leave my heart.

Para mi Madre.. siempre recuerda que te quiero mucho.


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