Unfolded Character

In the beginning, she never thought the man she loves could be so cold
A different person he was, in months it eventually showed
Threats haunted her when she made him mad
A beating he said, that will end very bad
She did not believe he could actually do it
Until the day came when he finally did hit
A lesson this was not to anger him, she was told
Unless she wanted his violent character to unfold
After a strike or two, he said that this beating
Is his way of showing her love, a type of teaching
Unreasonable demands to not make one more mistake
And to keep his heinous acts undisclosed for her sake

She very well knows that she deserves better
What stops her is her feeling of being the debtor
“You did this to me”, the phrase of guilt he strikes to her heart
Because of this, she feels that she will never part
From the life she is living
With this monstrous being 

Until the day she met a young girl going through the same situation
Suddenly she didn’t feel so alone, hearing the same story of desecration
At that moment, she held that young girl, and told her everything will be okay
Strength from this occurrence freed her from the life she was living day by day

At last, she left the man who claimed to love her
This start of a new chapter in her life will finally be better
No more degradation, not one more scar or bruise
A testimony she is of being a survivor of abuse


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