One Day

This poem is very special to me because it is my motivation to succeed. I wrote this poem as a promise to myself of what I want to accomplish in my lifetime.

One day I’ll set forth to the world unknown
One day I’ll look back to the success I’ve sown
Blessing people with provisions is the mission of my vision
Showing them relationship with Jesus is more important than religion
One day I will obtain many riches and position
Not for glory and honor, to give back is my ambition
Starting small, like collecting used clothes for donation
Giving not only basic necessities but also sharing eternal salvation

To study in the medical field is what I chose to I can yield
Services to people so that they can be healed
To see confidence in their smile
Will make it worthwhile
To go the extra mile
To finish my degree
Being the best student I can be

So in every decision that I make
I have to be sure I take
Careful steps and wise decisions
For I am destined to bless the nations



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