Unwritten Creations

I wrote this story when I was at a park, just sitting at a bench by myself. It took me a while to start writing. Then, my own experience of being so caught up on trying to write something perfect inspired me to write this piece of work.

Perfection- a word that can either inspire or discourage. One can perceive a person, an accomplishment, or lifestyle as what seems to fit the category of ‘perfection’ and be inspired to act upon the best of his or her abilities to achieve a similar goal. However, on the contrary, one can be discouraged by such ‘perfection’ thinking he or she will never attain such things for themselves. I met a young girl at a park who was sitting and smiling to herself. I noticed she had a pen and a notepad on her lap, but she did not write anything. I found myself drawn to this young girl’s smile, so I decided to walk over to her and keep her company. “I remember my younger days when I used to write. The first sentence is always the toughest.” I said to her. She smiled even bigger and laughed. “Yeah, I agree. I always come up with so many stories in my head, but it never makes it out.” “Why is that, uh.. “ I paused for a second, finding myself trying to remember her name despite that she has not told me yet. “Anna. My name is Anna.” “ Why is that so, Anna?” I asked. Her face changed and she gestured for me to sit down next to her. “I try and try to write, because I have so many stories I want to share but I’m afraid it will never be good enough. It is as if I have a personal inner critic telling me that I can’t write something as great as what other people have already written or that what I will write will simply not be as good as I thought it would be. There is a quote I found to be very true- “Will the visions in our heads always be greater than reality?” I feel as if I will never write something as good as what the story originally was in my head compared to what great works of art others have already written.” “Young Anna,” I began to say. “ What if seedlings did not allow itself to grow freely because it did not believe it will ever be as beautiful as the trees surrounding it? What if it did not allow itself to grow into a unique living statue of nature because it already has a set idea of what it wants to look like. Sometimes life does not always go exactly the way we envisioned, but there are moments in our lives that turn out so much better than what we could have ever imagined. So young girl, write. Take that pen and paper of yours and write. Bring to life unwritten stories and behold the beauty of your creation.”


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